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Book Your Upcoming Event *Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate events, Graduations, Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs 

and more!!!     

Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Graduations

House parties (medium events)


$325.00  (Estimate please inquire regarding rates)

    *2 hours of drawing which covers approximately 15-20 guest caricatures per hour. This is the ideal package for a party of 30-40 guests. Color drawings are an additional $25 per hour if

requested. *Discounts are available for bookings of

      3hrs or more. (Rates are negotiable within reason)


Weddings , Anniversaries, Corporate events

.Banquet hall events or Special events.

(large events)


    *Please inquire regarding rates. Normally 3-4hr bookings. This is the package for weddings or large corporate events of 60-100+ guest. Color drawings can be provided by request. If needed additional artists may be requested for these types of events.


Extras: 11" x 17" paper with a customized border with the Bride and Groom's name (or celebrant's name) and date.

Or a company logos may be added as well to commemorate your event. *Clear protective bags are provided by request.


*Customized paper printing starts at $125 (estimate price)

for a B & W design and text. Or $150 (estimate price)

for color prints.






Commissioned Artwork

     Rates for custom caricature drawings from photos start at $75 per person (estimate please inquire regarding rates). And my starting rate for couple's caricatures is $125. Please inquire regarding group caricature drawings (discounts are included for drawings of 10 people or more). Special caricature projects: Poster sized drawings,logos or  Illustrations are subject to specific rates depending on the demands of your project. *Please inquire regarding special project rates.

Thank you!


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